In order to save on printing costs and wasted paper, we have asked our presenters to supply us with their Power Point presentation files before the conference and we have converted them into PDFs which can be viewed on mobile devices and/or printed at home and brought to the conference.

The only difference between the “Mobile PDF” and the “Print PDF” is that the print version has 6 slides per page and the mobile version has two.

We recommend you use a tablet or phone and view the handouts on it during the presentation. Later, should you desire a hard-copy, you can print one from home. You may also print one and bring it with you.

Some buttons are greyed-out because the presenter is either bringing printed handouts, doesn’t use handouts or has not supplied them to us in time for publication.

We hope you find this feature helpful.

The Nature of Crystal Bridges

Cody George

Keynote Speaker

Saturday Banquet – Windsor

Sunday Morning Presentations – All Times AM

Orchids: Not as Picky as You Think

Nathan Bell

8:30 – Heidelberg

Unusual and Specialty Bulbs for the Missouri Garden

Patrick Byers

8:30 – Innsbruck

Growing Shitake Mushrooms

Earnie Bohner

8:30 – Milan/Venice

Growing Vegetables is Cool Again

Janet Carson

8:30 – St. Moritz

Wild Culinary Arts

Rachel West

9:45 – Heidelberg

Deer Resistant Perennials

Oscar Cross

9:45 – Innsbruck

The Story of Heirloom Seeds

Kathy McFarland

9:45 – Milan/Venice

Japanese Maples For Midwest Gardens

Lee Coates

9:45 – St. Moritz

Monarch Butterfly Migration Biology

Tom Riley

11:00 – Heidelberg

Using Native Plants in Garden Design

Bill Ruppert

11:00 – Innsbrook

Growing Roses in Missouri

Bill Greet

11:00 – Milan/Venice

Shade Gardening

Tom Lakowske

11:00 – St. Moritz

One PDF is suitable for both purposes.